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Workspace Basics

Workspaces make collaborating with your team easier. Each user can create an unlimited number of workspaces for different teams, different departments, or different types of projects.

Each workspace contains its own team, projects, and chats.

It is not possible to transfer data between workspaces.

After signing up your first workspace will be created. In case you accept someone's invitation you'll be added to their workspace.

On the left side menu, you can quickly switch between workspaces you're added to. To add a new workspace click on the "plus" button.

After creating a new workspace, invite your team and create projects within this workspace. Each project will allow you to create lists and add tasks to these lists. 

Tasks can be assigned to specific users, have their due dates, progress, priority, etc. You can chat with your coworkers in private chats, general project chats, or directly within the specific task in a comment section.

We recommend checking Team and Project categories to find detailed instructions explaining how to invite users and manage tasks.

Each Workspace has its own separate subscription. So if you're the owner of a few workspaces you need to manage the subscription directly in each Workspace settings.

Only the Administrator of Workspace can manage the subscription, invite new team members, define their account roles and job titles. 

Learn more about Workspace Settings from this article.

Each user except for the Workspace Owner can leave the workspace at any time. It won't be possible to join the Workspace again unless someone from this workspace sends a new invitation.

If you don't need the workspace on your list but wish to keep all its data, you can archive it. Only the Workspace Owner has permission to archive the workspace. You can always reactivate your Workspace later and bring back all the data.