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Roles and permissions

After inviting new team members you can set their system roles and assign job titles.  

Roles will help to limit access to some permissions, such as Workspace Settings or Subscription menu, and job titles could be useful to organize users into teams or hierarchies and later filter them in the Planner view.

Only the Administrator of account can set up roles and job titles.

System Roles

We provide 3 different system roles that may help to organize the team's structure and define users' permissions:

  • Administrator
  • User
  • Guest

Administrator of the account can access workspace settings and manage the subscription. In addition, Administrators can change members' system roles, set their job titles, and disable or reactivate team members.

User can join all public projects within the workspace and create their own public and private projects. They can start a chat with any of the team members added to the workspace. In addition, users can create integrations, enable project add-ons and invite new team members.

Guest is a special role that allows you to collaborate with someone only on a specific project and not grant access to the rest of your projects and team members.

To learn more about the Guest role and its limits check this article.

To change a member's role navigate to the Workspace Settings on the left side menu. 

Next to the member's name click on the currently assigned role under the System Role column and choose one of the available options from the list.

A person who created the workspace will be defined as the Workspace owner. If you decide to leave a workspace make sure to transfer the ownership first.

Job titles

Job title is an optional feature. It can be used to define departments, roles in organization, workplace, etc. The assigned job title will be visible next to the user's name in the Chat section and will be available in filters in the Planner view. 

You can create an unlimited amount of job titles.

To create a job title navigate to the Workspace Settings on the left side menu. 

Click on the Add job title button. Input the Job title name and optionally add its shortcut. When done, click on the Create button.

To assign a job title to a user click on the Select title option under the Job title column and choose one of the available titles from the list.

If you manage more than 1 workspace you need to create titles within each workspace separately.