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TimeCamp is a simple time tracking solution that enables project managers to collaborate, track billable work hours, and monitor project status. By enabling the integration you’ll be able to track time on your projects and tasks. 

To generate reports for time tracked on tasks we recommend enabling the full integration with the TimeCamp account.


If you enable the full integration between TimeCamp and TimeCamp Planner Workspaces will be imported as tasks under the Planner project. Projects with their lists of tasks will be imported as subtasks under the tasks (workspaces) in TimeCamp.  

If someone from your Team added a private project in Planner and the person who created the integration has no access to that project, it won’t be imported to TimeCamp. Only items the owner of integration has access to could be imported.

Importing items means that after starting the timer tasks will be automatically assigned to time entries which will allow to generate reports for tracked time.

After opening a full task view you may notice a "Start timer" button. You can simply click on this green button to start tracking time and when you finish with the task, click on the red "Stop timer button.

Clicking on the time field will expand a view of additional options for adding time:

  • Timer - allows to quickly start and stop the timer;
  • Manual - allows to add a time entry manually by inputting a start and end time;
  • Duration - allows to add a time entry manually by inputting only its duration time;

We don't provide an option to export tracked time from TimeCamp to Planner account. You can check the reports of time tracked on tasks only directly on your TimeCamp account.

If you create a new item in Planner it will be automatically imported to TimeCamp within 1 hour. To immediately synchronize the integration and update newly added items use the “Force synchronization” option on TimeCamp web Timesheet. Synch will be executed within a few seconds.

If the user who enabled the integration is not a part of your TimeCamp account anymore, we recommend re-enabling the integration.

Enable integration

Each user with a TimeCamp account and enable and authorize the integration.

Step 1

First, we recommend enabling the full integration on your TimeCamp account

This way all projects, lists and task will be imported directly to TimeCamp, so when you start the timer those tasks will be automatically assigned to time entries.

You can find the detailed instructions here:

If you don't enable integration in TimeCamp and only use the start timer option, name of the task, list, and project will be added as a note to a time entry.

Step 2

Open a task in TimeCamp Planner and click on the green “Start timer” button. You'll be asked to authorize the integration by entering an API token from your TimeCamp account.

That's it! When authorization is complete you can use the start/stop button to track time on your tasks.