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Guest is a special role designated for external clients/colleagues. If you want to collaborate with someone only on a specific project and not grant access to the rest of your projects and team members - this solution is for you.

Guests will only see Projects they were invited to and will be allowed to communicate only with their members, not the rest of your team. 

Guests cannot create their own projects, they can navigate only within projects they were invited to.

Guests are a separate group and the number of Guests you can add to your workspace depends on the number of licenses you purchase. 

The formula is 5 + the number of Premium seats.

So for example if you purchased 10 seats in a Premium plan you can invite up to 15 Guests.

In a Free plan, you can add only up to 5 Guests.

Invite Guests

There are a few ways you can add Guests to your projects:

  • Invite a new user with a Guest role;
  • Convert someone's role to a Guest;
  • Invite a Guest directly to a specific Project;

With a first way to invite a Guest open the Workspace Settings on the left side menu.  

Input the email address of a user and mark the checkbox next to the Invite as guest to a project option. Select projects a guest should be added to from the list and click on the Send invitation button.

With the second way, you can convert users that are already added to your account to Guests. To do that, open the Workspace Settings, click on the role they already have, and choose the Guest option from the menu. 

The final step will be to select projects they should be added to. Choose a project from the drop-down list and click on the "Add" button next to it. If you'd like this user to be added to more projects repeat the action by selecting an additional project from the list and clicking on the "Add" button. 

When done, confirm your action by clicking on the  Convert to a guest button.

The last third way is to invite Guest is directly within the Projects view. Open a Project and click on the Members icon in the upper right corner.

Next, click on the Add guest button, input the email address, and confirm your action by clicking on the Invite guest button.

If 1 Guest is assigned to 2 different Projects, they are counted as 2 Guest seats.

Manage Guests

To easily manage the invited guests open your Workspace Settings. Here you'll find the list of all added Guests.

By clicking on the Project next to the Guest name an edit panel will be opened.

Here you can remove Guest from certain projects or add them to new ones. This solution will be helpful if a Guest is added to multiple projects and you'd like to edit their membership without switching between projects.

To remove Guest from all projects at once click on the Remove Guest from all the projects button.

Under the "3 dots" button next to the Guest name you'll find additional options such as Convert to a user and Disable

Before converting Guest to a User please make sure you have enough licenses in your workspace.

Disabled Guests can be reactivated at any time. You still will be able to access a chat history you have with disabled Guests. Learn more about disabling and reactivating team members here.

The additional way to remove guests is directly from a Project view. Open a specific Project and click on the Members icon in the upper right corner. 

To delete a Guest from the project hover your mouse over the Guest name, click on the "3 dots" button that appears, and choose the Remove guest option.