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Overwatch is a module where you can choose your most important Projects and manage them in one place. Here you can chat, manage tasks on the board and schedule them on a timeline.

To configure OverWatch and add projects to this view click on the "plus" icon.

Next, select projects from the list you'd like to add here and click on the Save button.

Projects will be added as separate blocks and you'll have a convenient overview of your Projects, their chats, boards and timelines. 

You can remove any of them from the Overwatch view by clicking on the "x" button in their right corner. 

And if you wish to add a new project to this view click on the Add project button in the upper right corner.

In the upper right corner of each view, you can use one of the available filters or navigate to the full Project view.

The Project overview contains 4 options:

  • Board view
  • Timeline view
  • List view 
  • Chat view

Board - allows to quickly access and manage all lists and tasks with the Project. Learn more

Timeline - allows to easily change deadlines of tasks by using the drag&drop method. Learn more

List - presents the list of all tasks within the Project. Here you can easily change any of the task's details without opening its full window. Learn more

Chat - simplified chat view where you can communicate with other project members.  Learn more