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Disable users

If you would like to remove users from your workspace you can disable their account in Workspace Settings

Only Administrators can disable users.

To do that simply click on the Workspace Settings button on the left side menu and search for the user you'd like to disable on the Workspace Members list.

Next, click on the "3 dots" button next to the user's name and choose Disable option from the list. Finally, confirm your action.

If user is added to a few workspaces you need to disable their account in each workspace separately.

Disabled users won't be counted into the license limit but you still will be able to access a chat history you have with those users. Such users will be greyed out on the Chats list.

To open the history of chat you have with a disabled user, click on the "plus" button next to the Chats section and mark the checkbox next to Show inactive users option.  Now you can use the search box to find the target user.

All of the public projects created by a disabled user will be safely kept in the workspace and you can access them at any time by using the search box in the Projects section.

Disabled users can be reactivated at any time. If you'd like to bring back the disabled user navigate to the Workspace Settings and scroll down to the Inactive Users section. Click on the Reactivate button next to the user's name.