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Basics - navigation

After logging into TimeCamp Planner account a screen will be divided into two parts: sidebar and main space. 

Left sidebars will allow you to navigate between projects and chats and the main space will show all the details of the opened item. 

A view may be different depending on the assigned account role.

Workspace list

The first sidebar allows you to quickly switch between the workspaces a user is added to. 

To hide this sidebar click on the Your profile button in the bottom left corner and uncheck the "Show workspace list" option.

Learn more about Workspaces.  


The second sidebar can be hidden and expanded at any time. It will allow you to navigate between projects and chats within the opened Workspace.

Here you'll find the following options:

Workspace name - the name of opened workspace;

Search bar - allows to find and open a specific task or chat;

My Tasks - different types of views that contain all tasks you're assigned to. Learn more;

Planner - a timeline view of tasks assigned to all users within your team. Learn more;

Overwatch - a view that allows to add specific projects from the list and quickly verify their tasks. Learn more;

Projects section -  here you can access all of the projects available within the workspaces. You can use a search box to find a specific project and join it or create your own project. In addition, you can put your projects into groups to personalize your view. Learn more;

Chats section - here you can start a private chat with any of the team members added to the workspace. Besides private chats, you can also create an unlimited number of group chats. Learn more;

Notifications - the list of all notifications you receive from chats and projects. Learn more;

Workspace settings - only the Administrator can access the workspace settings where they can manage the list of users, subscriptions, etc. Learn more;

Your profile - under this button, you'll find an additional menu where you can set a status, open profile settings, access the integrations list, download a desktop or mobile app, contact us, or log out from your account.

Learn more about editing profile settings.

Set status

Status can help to inform other users of your availability, vacations, or some random information.

Status will be visible to everyone just under your name on the list of chats.

To set a status click on your name in the bottom left corner and choose the Set status option from the menu.

A new window will appear where you can input your own text or select one of the predefined options. In addition to text, you can also use emojis.

Optionally you can decide if a status should be automatically cleared. Tick the checkbox next to the Clear status after option, select a duration or a specific date, and set an hour.

When everything is done confirm your status by clicking on the Set status option.

If you didn't enable the option to automatically remove the status you can open the status window again and manually clear it at any time.