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Private chat

Each user can communicate with other team members within the workspace. It is possible not only to start a private chat but also to create an unlimited number of group chats.

The additional way to collaborate with team members is to chat directly in a specific project or task's comment section. 

Check this article to learn more about Project Chat.

Start a chat

To start a chat with another team member click on their name on the list under the Chat section. The Chat section can be expanded and hidden at any time.

Disabled users will be greyed out on the list.

If the list is too long or you can't find a user click on the "plus" icon and input the user's name or email address. Click on the search result and Go to chat.

Each user can create group chats with different team members. Learn more

If you would like to check the history of your chat with a disabled user first mark the checkbox next to the Show inactive users option in the search window.

If someone is online you'll see a green circle around their avatar. In addition, you'll see if user set a status under their name on the list (e.g. vacation, busy, etc).

Chat options

TimeCamp Planner provides an option to send emojis, GIFs, and attachments. There are also some special combinations to format your text. Check this article to learn about markdowns. 

When you receive a message from someone you can apply the following options to it:

  • Add reaction
  • Respond to this message
  • Add as a quote (a comment to a task)
  • Convert to a task
  • Mark unread

When you send a message you can apply the same options to it and in addition you can edit or delete your message. 

Chat tabs

Each chat contains a few additional tabs which show different types of views for tasks assigned to the person you chat with:

  • List
  • Timeline
  • Calendar 
  • Files

The Files tab shows the list of all screenshots and files you shared within this chat. It also allows to download or delete a specific file from the list.

In the upper right corner you can find 2 additional icons:

  • Planner Meets - allows to quickly start a meeting with the user;
  • Task list - allows to quickly access and manage lists and tasks that belong to the user you chat with;

Chat settings

Each user can define a few chat retention options in their Personal Preferences. You can define:

  • Number of visible chats on the left side menu;
  • Number of days after which chats will be hidden from the left side menu;

When you hover a mouse on the specific user on your Chats list, a special "hide" button will appear.  This option does not remove users from your Workspace, it will only remove them from your Chats view. It might be helpful if your Chats list is too long and you'd like to clear your sidebar. 

If a chat is hidden from the list you still can access it by using the search window under the "plus" icon.