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When you receive a new message or someone mentions you in a Project you'll receive a notification. The list of all notifications is available in the left side menu If you have unread messages a Notifications section will be highlighted.

Notifications belong only to the Workspace you're currently viewing. If you are added to a few workspaces switch between them to check the notifications for each of them.

Here you'll find 3 tabs:

  • All - shows all notifications;
  • Chats - shows only private messages;
  • Projects - shows project notifications, messages sent from the project chats, and task comments;

After clicking on the specific notification from the list you'll be redirected to the chat, project, or task it belongs to.

To mark a specific notification as read without opening it, hover a mouse on it and click on the "check" icon.

To delete a specific notification from the list, hover a mouse on it and click on the "trash" icon.

To mark everything as read click on the "check" icon in the upper right corner.

To remove all of the notifications click on the "trash" icon in the upper right corner. This action can't be undone.

Notifications will be removed only from the tab where the "Archive all" option was used.

Each user can disable or enable notifications on their account at any time. To adjust notification settings click on your name on the left side menu and choose the Edit profile option from the menu. Next, navigate to Personal Preferences.

Here you'll find the following options:

  • Show pop-up notifications in a browser
  • Send email notifications
  • Sound notifications

If you're added to a few workspaces,  personal preferences have to be adjusted for each workspace separately.