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Project Basics

Projects will help to organize your work and communicate with other team members. You can work on lists and tasks within different projects and have an overview of your schedule.

All projects you belong to will be visible on the left-side menu under the Projects section.

You can use a search box to find and join any other public project within the workspace.

Private projects you are not invited to won't be visible in the search box.

Create or join a project

To create a new project click on the "plus" icon next to the Projects section.

A new window will appear where you can fill in the following details:

  • Project name
  • Description
  • Icon
  • Color
  • Privacy mode (set project as Public or Private)

Administrator or Project Creator can change any of these details in Project Settings.

When done click on the Create Project button. New project will appear on the left side menu list where you can access it anytime.

To organize the left side menu you can separate projects into groups. Click on the Create Group option, name a group, and then drag projects to this group.

You can rename or remove the group by clicking on the "edit" icon next to it and choosing one of the available options.

All public projects created within the workspace will be accessible in the search box. If you would like to view and join the available project click on the search bar and scroll the list or enter a project name. 

In addition, you can filter search results by all, active, archived, or projects you belong to tabs.

After finding a specific project, hover a mouse over it and click on the Join project button.

If you decide to leave a project, open it and click on the "team" icon on the top menu. Next, click on the Leave project button.

If you leave a private project it won't be possible to join it again unless its members invite you again.

Only the Administrator and Project Creator can archive the project.

Boards, lists and tasks

After creating a project you can add tasks you'll be working on under this project.  

The hierarchy in TimeCamp Planner starts with a Project. Each Project contains lists and each list contains tasks. So it is ProjectListTask.

In the Board tab, you can easily manage all lists and tags. Start with creating lists

After lists are added create tasks within lists. You can move tasks between lists at anytime

Check the Boards category to learn more about all available list and task functionalities.

Each project contains three tabs with views that present different layouts of your scheduled work:

  • List -  presents a full list and allows to conveniently manage all tasks created within the project;
  • Timeline - contains more various options for presenting data and allows to choose between six time periods;
  • Calendar - a very useful view if you'd like to check the tasks scheduled throughout the month or week;

To learn more about these types of Views check the following article.

Team and communication

You can invite other team members to projects to work and collaborate on tasks. 

To invite other members click on the "team"  icon on the top menu and click on the Add members button. Here you also can check the list of all users who joined a project.

Learn more about inviting users and guests from this article.

After adding other users to projects you can communicate with them in the Chat tab. Learn more about all chat functionalities here.

TimeCamp Planner also contains an option to start a video meeting with project members. Click on the "video" icon on the top menu and invite other users by sharing a link.

In addition, you can leave comments and mention users directly in the task's view.

If you share a file on chat or task's comment section you can later view the list of all shared files within this project in the Files tab.

The Files tab allows to:

  • open a file;
  • download a file;
  • check who and when uploaded a file;
  • delete a file;
  • bulk edit (download all or delete all files);
  • upload a file;

Settings and Addons

There are a few additional options and features you can define within the project.

In the upper right corner under the "puzzle" icon, you'll find the list of all available addons. 

Here you can export the list of all tasks within the project to the CSV file. It will contain columns with the task name, list it belongs to, tags, assignee, estimates, progress, start and due dates, added checklists and task description.

From among the Addons, you can find such features:

  • Points - estimate the time you should spend on each task. It could be very useful for organizing your workday.  Learn more
  • Votes - gather opinions or reactions on a specific task. Once the Voted Add-on is enabled, team members can vote on a card using emojis. Learn more
  • Recurring tasks - You can make a task recurring on a custom basis. Tasks will be automatically copied with their Title, Description, Tags, and Checklists. Learn more
  • Work in progress limit - you can set the limit of cards listed on a board. This feature allows you to control the workload and finish the already started tasks before taking on the next ones. Learn more

You can access a few additional project settings under the "gear" icon in the upper right corner of the project view. Here you'll find project details, notification preferences, privacy mode, etc.

Learn more about project settings from the following article.