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Tags are very helpful for organizing and classifying tasks you are working on. You can assign tags to your tasks and later filter any type of view by tags.

Each user within the workspace can create and manage tags. The list of tags will be accessible to all other team members.

Create tags

Tags can be created in a few different ways.

The first option is to open the Edit profile menu (or Workspace Setting for Administrators).

Navigate to the Tags tab on the left side menu. Here you can view and manage the entire list of tags added to Workspace.

To create a new tag click on the Add new tag button. Type its name, pick a color, and click Create tag button.

The other way to create a new tag is available everywhere in the app where tags are visible. It can be within a task view, list, calendar, timeline, etc. 

Just click on the tag icon so the list of tags will appear. Next type the name of a new tag and click on the Create a tag button. This way tag will be created and automatically assigned to a task. 

Manage tags

To access and manage tags added within the Workspace open the Edit profile menu (or Workspace Setting for Administrators)  and navigate to the Tags tab on the left side menu.

Here you'll be able to view the alphabetically sorted list of all tags and the number of tasks they are assigned to.

After hovering the mouse on a specific tag you'll find 3 options:

  • Change tag name
  • Change tag color
  • Delete tag

If you delete a tag it will be automatically removed from all the tasks it was assigned.

Once a tag is deleted the action can’t be undone and data can’t be restored.

Assign tags

Each user can assign tags to tasks. This action can be performed in any type of view within the Workspace.

Just click on the tag icon next to a specific task and pick tags from the list.

To remove tag from the task, click on the "x" icon next to it. If a few tags are assigned you can click on the tag icon to view the full list and remove specific tags or clear all of them

Filter by tags

Within the Board, List, Calendar and Timeline view of Project and My Tasks you can use a Tag filter. It will allow you to view only tasks with certain tags assigned.

To aply this filter click on the "filter" icon in the upper right corner of any view, scroll down to the Tags section, and mark checkboxes next to specific tags or choose the "no tags" option.

To clear added filters, you can either remove the checkboxes from the selected tags or use the option Clear filters.