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Manage Workspaces

Depending on your account role open Workspace settings or Profile settings and navigate to the Manage Workspaces tab.  Here you'll find the list of all workspaces you belong to.

Next to each Workspace on the list, you can find two actions:

  • Leave Workspace

If your role is User or Administrator you can leave the workspace at any time. But if your role is a Workspace Owner, first you need to transfer the ownership to someone else.

If you're Workspace Owner and you're the only member of a workspace it won't be possible to leave the workspace.

  • Archive Workspace

Only the Workspace Owner has permission to archive the workspace. You can always reactivate your Workspace later and bring back all the data. 

Archiving workspace doesn’t cancel your subscription, it does however make archived workspace unavailable for current members.

If you archive a workspace, an additional section Archived Workspaces will appear in this tab. Here you can unarchive workspaces at any time.