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Project chat

When a project is created you can navigate to its Chat tab. Here you'll be able to communicate with all the Team members added to this specific project.

You can check the list of added members by clicking on the "users" icon in the upper right corner.

To add new members click on the users icon in the upper right corner. Next, click on the Add member button and choose a user from the list. 

If you'd like to invite a new user who is not yet a part of your team input the email address of this person, and confirm your action by clicking on the Invite member button. This way a new user will be added to your workspace and will automatically join this project.

Only the person who created a project can remove users from this project.

Each user can leave the project at any time. If you decide to leave a project click on the users icon in the upper right corner and next click on the Leave project button.

If you leave a public project you'll be able to join it again at any time. If you leave a private project you won't be able to find it in the search box and join again unless one of its members invites you.

If someone sends a new message a project will be highlighted with a yellow underline on the list. 

If someone mentions you or the entire team added to a project, you'll receive a notification. Except for mentioning a specific user, there are a few combinations to mention all project members:

  • @here - notifies users that are currently online;
  • @channel - notifies all users that belong to a project;

You can adjust the option of receiving notifications in Project Settings. Here you can mute chat, decide if you wish to receive notification only when someone mentions you, or receive notification about all new messages.

Project chats contain all the same options as private chats. You can learn more about private chats here.