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Work in progress limit

Thanks to the Work In Progress limit, you can set the limit of cards listed on a board. This feature allows you to control the workload and at the same time motivates you to finish the already started tasks before taking on the next ones.

Each Team member can enable or disable Addons at any time.

There are a few ways to enable the WIP limit feature.

1. Project view

The first way is to turn on the Addon in a specific project. To do that navigate to the target project and click on the "puzzle" icon in the upper-right corner. 

Next, find the WIP limit feature on the list and click on the switch button to turn it on.

By default, this feature will be added to all projects. You can turn it off by navigating to the specific project or editing it in the Addons settings view.

2. Addons settings

The second way is to enable WIP limit addon for specific projects only. 

Depending on your account role open Workspace settings or Profile settings and navigate to the Addons tab or simply choose the Integrations option from the list under your profile icon.

Next, find the WIP limit module and click on the Add to Planner button. By default, this feature will be added to all projects.

A "3 dots" button will appear next to the WIP limit module. After you click on it you can select if Votes should be added to all projects or only to specific ones.

Once the WIP limit feature is enabled an additional option will appear under the list settings.

Click on the "3 vertical dots" button next to the list and choose the Task limit option.  Next, input the maximum number of tasks that should be added to this list.

Task limit includes both completed and incomplete statuses of tasks that can be added to the list.

You need to set a task limit for each list separately.


The Task limit can be edited or removed at any time. 

Click on the "3 vertical dots" button again to choose the Task limit option. And next, input a different number or remove the limit.

When the limit is reached a list will be highlighted. 

Please keep in mind that this feature doesn't block the ability to add new tasks after the limit is reached.