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Each project's Board consists of Lists and Tasks within these lists.  So before adding tasks to your board, you need to create a List.

Each project member can add and manage lists on boards.

Create lists

Open a Board view in your Project and click on the Create new list button. Next, input the name of the List and confirm your action by clicking on the Add list button.

You can create an unlimited number of lists within the Board. If you'd like to change the order of lists, you can click on it and drag it to a different position.

To edit the list name, click on the current name and type a new one.

Each Project contains its own Board with Lists and Tasks.

Manage lists

Next to each list on the board, you'll find a "3 vertical dots" button. After clicking on it a drop down list will appear where you can choose one of the following options:

  • Copy list - allows to make a copy of the list with all its tasks within the Project's board. Click on this option, input the name of a copied list and confirm your action;
  • Move list - allows to move a list with all its tasks to a different project within the Workspace.  Click on this option, pick a project from the list, define the order position of this list on a new Board and confirm your action;
  • Move all tasks in this list - allows to move all tasks to a different list within the Project's board at once. Click on this option, pick a list and confirm your action;
  • Task limit - available only after enabling the "Work In Progress limit" addon. It will allow you to control the workload and finish tasks before adding new ones;
  • Archive list - allows to remove a list from the board. Once a list is archived it is not possible to restore its data;
  • Follow - allows to receive notifications for any changes applied to tasks on the list. Once you enable this option on a specific list an "eye" icon will apera next to its name.

To learn more about setting a Task limit check this article.