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Cancel subscription

Only the Administrator of the account can cancel the subscription.

If you reach the decision to no longer use the paid version of TimeCamp Planner, you can cancel the subscription by downgrading your account to a Free plan. 

Downgrading an account will allow you to keep your data and access it anytime you want. You will be able to still use TimeCamp Planner in the limited plan, without fully giving up on it.

To cancel the subscription navigate to the Workspace settings, just above your avatar icon, and open the  Subscription tab.

Next, click on the Cancel Subscription button next to your plan details.

After that you will see a short survey form - we would really appreciate your honest feedback. Follow and complete a short survey and finally confirm your action by clicking on the Send and cancel subscription button.

That’s it! From now on your workspace is set to a Free plan.

You need to cancel the subscription to each of your workspaces separately.